Robot Cells

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Use Cases
Use Cases
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Cobot Frame & Enclosure

MayTec multiple standard products at work

  • Enclosure with base frame & linear rails integrated
  • Strong connection system
  • Vibration proof connections
  • Cobot integration base
  • Modular design
  • Problem solving 7th axis movement

Assembly Station

MayTec complete production assembly station

  • Profession look with clean no slot profiles
  • Platform integrated system
  • Carts for mobile application
  • Robot stands with control cabinet enclosures
  • Heavy duty applications

Label Station Enclosure

MayTec solutions for automation and packaging cells

  • Safety Enclosures
  • Product protection from environment

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Aluminum Profile Configurator

Simple, intuitive, 3D: Designing your own MayTec profile systems is child’s play. 
Benefit from our parts list generator, cutting optimization and other smart functions.

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