Clean Rooms

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Use Cases
Use Cases
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Automotive Paint Cleanroom

MayTec profiles at work providing solutions.

  • Automotive paint production
  • Dust prevention systems
  • Custom configuration around production

Battery Assembly Cleanroom

MayTec Modular Wall System

  • Engineered profiles for cleanroom applications
  • Accommodates many panel material including glass
  • ISO ratings
  • Modular framing system
  • Quick assembly & installation

CNC Machine Enclosure

MayTec clean custom designed machine enclosure.

  • Utilizes no slot profiles for professional aesthetics
  • Solutions for applications with coolant splash
  • Strong connections systems
  • Vibration proof connectors

Molding Machine Cleanroom

MayTec profiles at work.

  • Cleanroom for injection molding application
  • Integrated HEPA fans for positive pressure
  • Custom engineered around production
  • Modular design allowing quick installation

Automotive Cleanrooms & Tunnels

MayTec automotive cleanroom and dust tunnels.

  • Maintains clean paths to all processes
  • Designed to meet individual designs
  • Modular designs for quick installation


Aluminum Profile Configurator

Simple, intuitive, 3D: Designing your own MayTec profile systems is child’s play. 
Benefit from our parts list generator, cutting optimization and other smart functions.

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