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Use Cases
Use Cases
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Conveyor System

Standard design plastic chain curved profile conveyor

  • Engineered to fit the exact application
  • Curved profiles to achieve product delivery
  • Modular systems utilizing standard profiles
  • Solid construction and reliable technology

Special Heated Conveyor

Custom engineered solution for customer

  • Modified standard conveyor system
  • Components heated as they are conveyed
  • Integrated profiles structure to conveyors
  • Modular design allows fast installation
  • Integrated profile for frame & conveyors

Dust Enclosure Conveyor

MayTec standard conveyor system with integration

  • Belt conveyor system
  • Adjustable profile leg design
  • Dust enclosure to protect product
  • Integrated controls


Aluminum Profile Configurator

Simple, intuitive, 3D: Designing your own MayTec profile systems is child’s play. 
Benefit from our parts list generator, cutting optimization and other smart functions.

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